Recently the council and its partners have been looking at how moorland fires can have a significant impact on the landscape due to the loss of vegetation.

The lack of trees, shrubs and vegetation on the ground, and the change in the moorland surface can increase the runoff of water during rainfall, increasing the chance of flooding in some places.

Across the borough the council and our partners are working on a number of short and long-term flood reduction schemes to tackle issues in known flood zones – this will help reduce the potential for damage to properties or infrastructure.

This seemed like a good time to update you about flood defence work that has been carried out in the borough. Below is a spreadsheet that has information about finished, ongoing and proposed work in Saddleworth and Lees.

The attached document provides some information regarding floods after moorland fires and general advice about flooding and useful contacts.

The following link also provides useful information

District Emergency Gully Clearing work

Due to the Moorland fires (Completed)

Trash Screen Cleared (Works about to commence or are ongoing or recently completed) Minor Works (Works about to commence or are ongoing or recently completed) Major works (Require a detailed design)
Saddleworth Thorpe Close, Austerlands
Heywood Lane, Austerlands
Huddersfield Road, Austerlands
Friezland Lane, Greenfield
Oak View Road, Greenfield
Manchester Road, Greenfield
Greenbridge Lane, Greenfield
Tunstead Lane, Greenfield
Chew Valley Road, Greenfield
Holmfirth Road, Greenfield
Arthurs Lane, Greenfield
Higher Arthurs, Greenfield
Kinders Lane, Greenfield
Park Road, Greenfield
Central Avenue, Greenfield
Ladhill Lane, Greenfield.
High Street, Lees
Shaws Lane, Uppermill
Smithy Lane, Uppermill
Station Lane, Uppermill
High Street, Lees
Golburn Clough, Greenfield Taylor Green Way, Lees Delph New Road Scheme , Delph
Shaws Lane, Uppermill Beechfield, Lees Valley Mews Scheme (A635 Manchester Road), Greenfield
Ladcastle, Uppermill Burnage Fold, Grasscroft Oak View Road Scheme, Greenfield
Medlock, Lees Running Hill, Dobcross Golburn Clough Scheme, Greenfield
Greenbridge Lane, GreenField
Stockport Rd, Lydgate Churchfields, Dobcross
Standedge foot, Diggle
Heywood Lane, Austerlands

Floods after moorland fires



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